JURE Pre-Conference Workshops


JURE workshops

There will be two workshops on August 28th, 2012. Participation in the workshops is free for registered conference members. If you want to participate in one of the workshops, please indicate this when you register. In case of too many participants, priority will be given to thesis students and junior researchers. Please note that the workshops will be run in parallel, so you can participate only in one of the workshops.

An eye tracking approach to analyze dynamic representations

Jean-Michel Boucheix & Jonathan GROFF, LEAD/IFSTTAR, Dijon, France

In many studies, the effect of graphical representations on comprehension is evaluated by off-line tests (questionnaires etc…). These studies only measure the result of the learning process. So it’s difficult to identify the particular elements which impact on learning processes. Eye tracking techniques make it possible to give on-line information about learners’ behavior during the experiment. In SIG 2, graphical representations are studied in terms of their cognitive effects. So the aim of this workshop is to give an insight into the possibilities and limitations of eye tracking within the areas of learning and comprehension of graphical representations. In this workshop, we propose to demonstrate how eye tracking analysis can reveal cognitive processes involved in the research of information, in the extraction of relevant information and in the elaboration of a dynamic mental model. Three examples will be used to illustrate this analysis technique: the upright piano mechanism, animated public information graphics and fish locomotion. During this session, we will present the contribution of eye tracking in the studies of representation processes. Then, participants will learn to use an eye tracker (Tobii t120) with the three examples previously mentioned.

Mastering Eye and Pen software for studying handwriting in real time

Denis Alamargot & David Chesnet, CeRCA, Poitiers, France

"Eye and Pen" is a software for studying reading during writing and the relationships between these two activities. The Eye and Pen device makes a synchronous recording of handwriting and eye movements during written composition. It complements existing online methods by providing a fine-grained description of the visual information fixated during pauses as well as during the actual writing act. This device can contribute to the exploration of several research issues, since it can be used to investigate the role of the text produced so far and the documentary sources displayed in the task environment. the study of the engagement of reading during writing should provide important information about the dynamics of writing processes based on visual information. The program of this symposium will provide students with state-of-the-art knowledge within the mastering of Eye and Pen software. It will concern the main phases of experimentation: installing devices, programming experiment, recording data, analysing data. Examples will be furnished for pauses/rates recording only (digitizing tablet) as well as for eye-hand recording, using a tablet and an EyeLink 2 eyetracker system (SR Research).

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